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The company history told by Stefano Pierini

The company was set up in the ‘70s by my father. He opened it up in Abruzzo, a mid-Italy region and back then a thriving area in the clothing industry. The production of shirt packaging boxes started in that period.

Over the years, our range of products has been enriched by an array of clothing accessories, such as zip-fasteners, buttons, sewing threads and yarns, woven labels and hang-tags, to name but a few.

It is a distinctive feature of ours to pay special attention to social issues and to have a strong bond with our land. In fact, as far as our production, we collaborate with local partners, which include a social cooperative for the disabled. I am very proud of working with these youngsters!

We are renowned for the care we place in our products, which are all Made in Italy. One of our strong selling points is the way we package garments by means of our card boxes, polybags, tissue paper, woven and printed labels and hang-tags.

Today, thanks to our collection designers and the skills of our artisans, we can provide the fashion world with more and more innovative solutions, working synergistically with the most sophisticated and demanding design offices. Our clients consider us real business partners, with whom they can achieve excellent results in terms of production and quality. Our target is to help you boost your brand.

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